Are you ready for a journey

to awaken your spiritual senses?


Do you want to learn to meditate with ease

and experience true one-ness? 


To awaken your awareness of subtle realms

and to deepen your relationship with nature? 


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“Two words: RED PILL 

If you’re TRULY ready to awaken, drop your hesitation and sign up right now. You know it’s not a coincidence that you’ve come to this page!

Emma and Eleanor are skillful, nurturing guides who channel straight from the Source.

Prepare for your mind to be blown, and your heart- blasted open.

See you inside!”  

- Katya Nova, founder of Matrîarch Collective.

 Open your chakras for deeper meditation 


Calm your emotions


Release nervous tension and anxiety


Stabilise an overactive mind  


 Shift your energetic 'state' in a second


 Receive the cosmic wisdom of plants


 Connect you with your Higher Self


 Remove energetic attachments 


 Ground and centre your body


Breathwork is a healing modality, awakened for these challenging times.  


Breathwork increases our ability to commune and connect with the intelligence and wisdom of nature. 

Over three months we will use Breathwork alongside vibrational essences and other somatic modalities for a deeply healing  and connecting journey. 



Woven with 21 Day Dieta

Pureheart Alchemy 


 For three months we will work with three very special vibrational remedies, creating shifts in your Auric field.

"Just as ripples move on a pond, the flowers, oils and frequencies contained in these bottles shift your experience at an energetic level, moving like liquid consciousness, assisting you to make better choices from a heightened state of awareness"

PureHeart Alchemy.



Each Month

We will meet for a powerful Opening Ceremony, connecting with the vibrational medicine and setting powerful intentions. 

From then, you will take the vibrational essence and work with the myst in daily life for 21 days. 

Each week will have a 20 minute meditation or activity to complete. 

At the end of the 21 days we will gather in a powerful Breathwork session to anchor the wisdom and shifts you have created.

Attend live or watch the replay.

Each month will have a powerful focus, moving up the chakras. 


1st Month

Zero Point

Come back. Return.

To stillness. To your zero point. To your true nature.

This first month we return to our wisdom and our natural state of bliss.


2nd Month

Sacred Union 

In this second month we journey into a sacred temple to awaken our most essential life force energy.

Awakening natural vitality and luminosity.

3rd Month 

Align with your Soul Path

What is your purpose? 

Alignment is the new hustle. 

This third month connects you to your purpose in a completely new and meaningful. 



This is an essential journey of refinement for the base chakras. 

If you haven't worked on these areas of your spiritual-psychology yet, now is the time.  

These areas rule money, security, spiritual purpose, sexuality, creativity and drive. 

In a world that is currently flooded by fear, it essential now to embody and refine the energy here, so you can propel into the heart chakras and beyond, creating a New Earth. 

Join us now, our next program wiki be a deep dive into the heart, and don't know when we will repeat this foundational program.  

Doors Close 22nd May

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“I am profoundly grateful to have a chance to introduce you to the magic that is Pureheart Alchemy.


I have found that these essences hold significant wisdom and healing potential.


My personal journey with these essences has been life-changing..." 

Zero Point 

 PureHeart Alchemy

Akashic Myst & Grounding Essence

Grounding your dreams and birthing a new reality 


Akashic Myst & Grounding Essence builds psychic strength and spiritual muscle, activating your web of accessibility to everything in one’s field simultaneously. 


Sacred Union

PureHeart Alchemy 

Tantric Rose Myst & Intimacy Essence 

Opens the Love Channels, and bathes us in new experiences of subtle sensitivities and sensations.

Tantric Rose Myst & Intimacy Essence are aromatic channels for the Tantric marriage of Mother-form and Father-consciousness and merges Yin-Yang energies with enhanced intimacy. 


Soul Path

Pureheart Alchemy

Solar Gold Myst & Empower Essence

 Breathing in the colour of the Awakening Sun


Solar Gold and Empower Essence support us to clear blame programs and restricting belief patterns, restoring self-responsibility and internal order, inspiring us to walk the path of our dreams. 


Meet your Guides

Emma Alta 

Emma is a highly successful entrepreneur with a Mastery in Rebirthing Breathwork, working with many clients worldwide in person, online and in retreats.
She is a Certified in Advanced Theta Healing & Mind Body Intuitive walking the path of conscious living with her young family on the East coast of Australia.
She is also author of ‘New Earth Mama: Earthy plant powered recipes and meal ideas’

Eleanor Mann 

Eleanor has over 15 years of personal practice in Breathwork, including a broad range from dynamic to subtle breath styles, training somatic psychotherapy and shamanic journeying.
She is the director of Blue Mountains wellness space Bright and Balanced Living, and is a registered counsellor, holding a BA of Social Science (Counselling), a BA of Psychology (Hons), a Diploma in Breathwork, and a Grad Diploma in Child Centred Play Therapy.
Pureheart Alchemy is an expression of the creative collaboration between Adrian, Izabella, the plants they play with and the people they meet. 

Adrian Anter

Adrian is Co-Creator and Master Flower Essence Therapist for Pureheart Alchemy

Adrian travelled the world for decades, engaging with Plant Shamans, Healers and Teachers, learning to communicate through the delicate realms of the Plant-Spirit beings. Having engaged in ceremony with Peruvian, African and other indigenous Plant Shamans, his service to humanity is in the role of a Botanical Geomatrician... allowing Nature’s brilliant Source Energy to flow through him and make available the intelligent codes and expansive experience for his brothers and sisters.


Izabella Floret

Izabella is Co-creator, Designer and Artist for Pureheart Alchemy.

Izabella is an Artist, Painter, Designer and Photographer, along with Health Coach and Breathwork Facilitator. While working on a diverse range of artistic projects, Izabella was continually motivated by the keys to vitality and invested years into the exploration of the foundational practices for health. Parallel to this she travelled and journeyed into the big questions of life, the world of Philosophy and Spiritual Connection.



$275 USD


  • Three x Monthly 2 hour Breathwork Circle (valued at $129 each)
  • Three PureHeart Alchemy Vibrational Myst & Essence Ritual Chakra Packs (6 bottles + rituals)  (valued at $195)
  • Opening and closing Ceremony with Eleanor and Emma (valued at $129 each)
  • Three x 21 days deita cycles (daily practices to work with the vibrational medicines) (valued at $99 each)
  • Base, Sacral & Solar Plexus Chakra Knowledge - upper chakras in the next round! 
  • Global Community Connections (priceless)
  • TOTAL VALUE: $1139


Initial payment of $175 USD

then two monthly payments of $55.

  • Three x Monthly 2 hour Breathwork Circle (valued at $129 each)
  • Three PureHeart Alchemy Vibrational Myst & Essence Ritual Chakra Packs (6 bottles + rituals)  (valued at $195)
  • Opening and closing Ceremony with Eleanor and Emma (valued at $129 each)
  • Three x 21 days deita cycles (daily practices to work with the vibrational medicines) (valued at $99 each)
  • Base, Sacral & Solar Plexus Chakra Knowledge - upper chakras in the next round! 
  • Global Community Connections (priceless)
  • TOTAL VALUE: $1139

“The breathwork was AMAAAAAZING and like nothing I have ever experienced! As a yoga and meditation teacher I practice similar things a lot but never breathwork specifically and was so surprised at my physical, emotional and spiritual response, which helped me in so many ways. I was so honored to take part and stayed up until 2 am (I'm in the UK) until it was completely finished, I was so in awe of all the stores of the other women I couldn't leave!”

 Laur B.


“Beautiful green light, felt healing happening.”

Cara S.


“OMG that was utterly incredible. A JOURNEY. Pieces of a puzzle floated across me. My head ached. My soul whispered to me. I have been pregnant with a beautiful idea and terrified to take the next step to birth it. Quiet and gentle tears released the fear and shed SOOOO much light. Oh thank you so much that was so POWERFUL. Such clarity now. Feel so grounded.”



“A way more clear vision for a new business venture.”

Briara L.


“Such an epic download. Tingling all over and sacral chakra awakened. I was releasing attatchments, connecting to ancestors and received a greater vision of my purpose here.”

Sarah B.


“Thank you so much that was very beautiful and shamanic. Kundalini energy was definitely flowing. Initially I felt drawn to holding a mudra while breathing from the beginning and the birthing part of the meditation really brought it all together. My body knew exactly what I needed.”

Dusah W.


“At first I felt such resistance in my chest. Now I feel more at home in my body then ever and this was my wish, to feel softly at home in me.”

Sofia O.


“This was amazing. I love this gentle style"




“Wow. I found myself when I was a little girl. Where I was locked for a long time. And took her out. I brought her here, to me now. And she’s safe now. And I am seeing thats what’s been blocking me.”

Jenny T.


“Memories from childhood came to me and images that were showed me to explain some pains in my body… all about ancestral healing and body release.”

Marta C.


“So gentle and amazing throughout and then at the end I had orgasmic energy.”

Amy S.


“Tears, my intention was connection with my ancestors and I saw my great-grandparents and imagined my two grandmothers holding my hand guiding me forward. Which aligned with my intention.”

Valerie M.